May we all realize the highest purpose of our lives
and be in union with our divine souls.

Author Ravi Kathuria


Ravi’s Background and Work
Ravi Kathuria has applied his analytical and intuitive skills to solve the complexity and confusion of spirituality. He has made spirituality stunningly simple and practical!

Through the story of two colleagues, struggling with stress and anxiety, Ravi shares his modern and logical approach to spirituality in his book, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.” It is a work of spiritual genius that is free from religious doctrines.

Quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, WorldNews, NPR, featured on PBS Nightly Business Report, CBS Radio, TEDx and the BusinessMakers show, Ravi served as a columnist for SmartBusiness Magazine. A business thought leader, he is the founder of a management consulting, executive coaching firm, Cohegic, and the founder of the Houston Strategy Forum.

In his first book, “How Cohesive is your Company?” Ravi presented a holistic, cohesive management method that received great praise from academicians and top executives.

Spiritual advancement is Ravi’s ultimate purpose in life. He has been drawn to spirituality ever since he was young. He passionately cares about realizing the Truth and sharing the Truth.

Ravi shares the spiritual path in a way only a true teacher can.

What Ravi Shares
Ravi Kathuria will tell you he is an ordinary man who has lived an ordinary life, but please make no mistake, what Ravi shares — is extraordinary! He shares spiritual gems that are mind-boggling.

Ravi answers the questions people have pondered for thousands of years. He shares Universal Truths that can change the course of human history.

Hearing Ravi’s insights about life & happiness in his vivacious, engaging style is a valuable experience. Perhaps, it can change the course of your life.

Ravi lives in Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston, Texas, USA.

You can reach him at 281-403-0250 and via email at contact@HappySoulHungryMind.com