The mind is our most potent instrument.
Without the mind we cannot survive.
Yet, we can thrive only when we
manage and master our minds.

Our mind can be our best fried or worst enemy!

The Mind

A Minute in Worry is a Minute Not Lived

Worrying is a favorite obsession of the mind.

Worrying does not change the situation, it prevents you from taking the steps to improve the situation.

All the worries in the world are external to you. Internally, you are simply peace.

Small Worries

Very often, in life we let small worries or small irritants spoil our life, or even ruin our life. Why do we do that?

Is that happening to you, or someone you know? Are you able to insulate yourself from unpleasant but smaller incidents and retain your perspective?

We must understand ourselves so we can stop letting small things steal our joy.


Is it good or bad to do things without expecting anything back? We expect from everyone, family, friends, co-workers and even strangers. It is how the material world is wired.

If you are aware of your expectations, you take the time to understand your expectations consciously and then act accordingly, you will be more peaceful and happier in life.

Wishing for Another Life

Do not wish for someone else’s life. Often, we watch other people’s life and success, and wish, “Oh, how nice would it be to have their life or their success.”

When a college friend becomes successful at work, and you are still struggling, you think, I wish, I had her success.

We watch movie stars and think, how I wish I had their fame and fortune.

There is a danger in wishing other people’s life or aspects of their life.

Life’s Flow

In life, it is important to learn how to go with the flow.

Many times, things do not go the way we want. We get an assignment at work which we do not like. We love someone, but they do not love us back. We want to buy a home with certain features, but we find we cannot afford those homes.

We resist where life is taking us, in our careers, in our relationships, in our comforts and possessions. This causes a lot of pain. We complain and allow circumstances to rob us of our peace. If there are certain aspects of life that you do not like, try to change them, try to improve them.

However, respect life. Sometimes you should allow life to take you where it wants to. Try going with the flow. Going with the flow can bring you peace, and as you become calmer perhaps you will see opportunities that you were overlooking previously because you were so caught up in resisting.

At your core, you are peace. Be who you are. Be peace.


It is very important in life to be in harmony with our own self.

Often, we do things, pursue careers because others are doing it, or because that career pays more or has more potential. Many of us are in careers or jobs that do not make us happy or give us satisfaction. Many of us are chasing money, but that money will not give us fulfillment.

We need to understand what our yearning is, what is that we want to do deep within, and then find a way to pursue it.

It is not always easy to do what we really want to do. We may have responsibilities; we may not have the means to switch. It’s okay.
Find some small ways in which you can start doing what you yearn. It will make you peaceful and happier.

Sometimes, it can take time to discover what you really want. Keep searching, keep looking, when you realize what you want and you start working on it or toward it, your life will change, giving you more peace and happiness.

At your core, you are peace. Be who you are. Be peace.

Real Memories

We use phones and cameras to capture our pictures and videos. While those are good, there is a far more powerful way to capture memories that will invoke you in the warmest feelings.

There is not a more beautiful way to live in the moment, to relish your loved ones, to relish your life!

Worrying – A Waste of Time

When we worry about the future or our mistakes of the past, we miss out on living and enjoying the present moment.

Further, when we worry all the time, it makes us pessimistic and cynical in life. Even when we receive joyful moments, our mind refuses to let us enjoy them.

This is not all, there is a bigger downfall of constant worrying. Worrying hinders our spiritual progress. Worrying prevents our minds from becoming quiet. If we do not become quiet, spiritual progress won’t happen.