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God is the Universe!
The Universe is God!

— Think about it, this is a powerful declaration.
It is the most logical, scientific answer to the mystery of God.
It can stop all the wars in the name of God!

What is God? This is one of the most important questions that people have pondered for as long as they have been able to ponder. Religions, of course, have provided the definition. God is the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient force — the Almighty! God is infinite in space and time. God has no beginning, no middle, and no end. God is eternal and cannot die. When pressed on how we can meet God, religions have often said you need to have a pure “heart” to see God. It is a convenient way to not answer the question.

So, what is God? Can we ever answer the question, or do we have to leave it to conjecture and mysticism?

This article shares a definition that might boggle your mind, but it is a logical explanation. If you step away from the world of beliefs, then perhaps, you might agree with the logic.

If you examine life, there are only two entities that are infinite — God — and the universe. The universe has no boundaries, it is certainly omnipresent, and there is no greater force than the Universe, hence it is also omnipotent. If two entities have similar qualities, then there is a high likely hood they are one and the same.

God is the Universe! The Universe is God!

But wait, isn’t the universe expanding? Does that mean God is also expanding? Physicists do postulate the universe has been expanding since the “Big Bang.” Let’s dissect that statement. First, it is absurd to say something that is infinite is expanding. Infinity cannot expand. It is more accurate to say, the galaxies in the visible universe are moving apart from each other. If you saw a firecracker explode in the sky and reached the conclusion the sky was expanding, it would be as ridiculous as the statement, the universe is expanding.

The universe is not just the visible and detectable matter and energy. The universe has innumerable dimensions, many known to man, many yet to be discovered, and I am sure many that are beyond the comprehension and capability of the human mind. Physicists also postulate parallel universes are born into existence and disappear.

When you take into account all the dimensions, all the laws of the universe, include all the possible parallel universes, when you consider the entire system, then you are looking at a universe that deserves the designation of a capital U. This Universe is nothing but God.

There is a second question, didn’t God create the Universe. If God created the Universe, then who created God. The answer is, no one, because according to the definition, God has existed forever. We know from Albert Einstein, matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed. The laws of the Universe, and the Universe has existed forever. God and the Universe have existed forever.

What religion refers to God, is the Universe. All our lives we have prayed to God for sustenance and well-being. Ironically, while we have never seen or met God, all our needs have been met through one source — The Universe. The Universe has been our sustainer and our benefactor.

The Universe is God. God is the Universe.

— Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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