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Spirituality is not for the afterlife. It is not for after you die. Spirituality is for here and now, so you can live a life at the highest levels of happiness and bliss.

The notion that spirituality is only for someone who is seventy-years-plus is terribly misleading, because if the teenagers and the twenty-something learn about spirituality, their entire life will be golden. They would have lived their life in a way it should be lived.

The notion that spirituality is for you after you die robs you of the wonderful opportunity to make progress on the spiritual path. This life is a gift, it is an incredible opportunity to advance spiritually. Life is not meant to fritter away on material obsessions. We all have to live in the material world but that is just the side act.

Start making progress on the spiritual path now. Upgrade your life.

At your core, you are peace. Be who you are. Be peace.

– Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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