Press Release: Business Thought Leader Authors Practical Spirituality Book

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Business Thought Leader Authors Modern-Day Spirituality Book

Houston, Texas, December 3, 2018 — Houston business thought leader Ravi Kathuria pens an edgy parable on practical spirituality. The story is based in Las Vegas, the last place you would expect for a spiritual discussion. Kathuria juxtapositions spirituality against modern-day pressures. His characters struggle with greed, stress, anxiety and grief.

“Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.” challenges religious doctrines and conventional norms. It answers life’s biggest questions in a way that is radical and yet completely logical. This book can change the relationship humanity has with God.

Spirituality is a complex, difficult to understand subject, shrouded in mystical and mysterious layers. Kathuria strips away the layers and makes spirituality simple, putting it within the reach of ordinary people who do not have the inclination or the resources to retire to the mountains.

Written in the style of a vigorous conversation between two colleagues, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.” is a rare book on spirituality that weaves in emotions and humor to help the reader understand the concepts easily.

Modern generations understand science and are hungry for real answers that go beyond blind faith. This book provides provocative answers that will be appreciated for their spiritual genius and remarkable insight.


Quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, WorldNews, NPR, featured on PBS Nightly Business Report, CBS Radio, and TEDx, Ravi Kathuria is a business and spiritual author. A business thought leader, he is the founder of the Houston Strategy Forum and Cohegic, a consulting and executive coaching firm.

While Ravi has been drawn to spirituality since he was young, he is now metamorphosing to make spirituality the main focus of his life. Ravi has applied his skills to solve the complexity and confusion of spirituality. Free from religious doctrines, his modern-day parable, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.” is a work of spiritual genius.

“Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.” is a parable on practical spirituality. It is the story of two colleagues who are facing serious challenges in life. Ironically, the story is based in Las Vegas, the bastion of consumerism and indulgence.

Published by SeemaCorp, “Hungry Mind. Happy Soul.” is available for purchase exclusively through the online retailer in Kindle and paperback editions.


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Ravi Kathuria, Author
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