Spiritual Truths!

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These Spiritual Truths are stunning.

They have the power to change the world and our lives.

Please consider each Truth carefully. Deliberate on it so you can realize the powerful implications of each one of them.

Please share how these Truths are helping you in your life. Thank you.

TRUTH does not need belief. Truth needs to be Experienced.

Most of the things we follow in life are based on faith and belief. Belief do not color the Truth. Whether you believe or not makes no difference to Truth. Truth cannot be based on hearsay or a second-hand account, Truth must be experienced directly.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the Direct Experience
of Your Own Soul!

(You may call Soul by many names: spirit, life-force, cosmic energy, …)

Most spiritual and religious leaders offer confusing and complex definitions of spirituality. The definition of spirituality above is the most succinct definition you can find.

  • Spirituality is Life’s Most Amazing Gift.
    • It is Earth’s only Source of Permanent Happiness.
    • Happiness achieved through the material world is temporary and tentative. It loses its sheen.
  • The Material World is the Side Act. Spirituality is the Main Act.
    • Because we are unaware, we are missing out on this most amazing aspect of life.
    • Focus on Spirituality Daily.
  • Spirituality is Natural, Simple & Practical.
    • It is within Reach in your Own Home.
    • You do not have to go to a church, mosque, or a temple. Religious places can and do make us feel more peaceful. However, you can experience your inner-peace at home.
    • You do not have to go on pilgrimage. You do not have to retire to a monastery or go live in the Himalayas. Experience spirituality where you are. It is with you 24/7.
  • Everyone has Spiritual Ability from Birth.
    • It is our Birthright and Destiny.
  • Spirituality Does Not Discriminate. It Cannot!
    • Gay, Straight, Man, Woman, Saint, Killer, Religious, Atheist — All Can Access Spirituality!
    • For long, religion and religious leaders have discriminated against categories of people. Religion excludes. Spirituality is all inclusive.

How to Attain Spirituality?

Life’s Ultimate Purpose —

Quiet your Hungry Mind,

Let Your Happy Soul Shine!

We must follow the Spiritual Path to attain spirituality.

  • We Live in Our Mind’s Bubble. Life’s Greatest Treasure Lies Beyond the Mind.
    • We live our life led by our mind and ego. We never realize, we are not the mind, we are the owner of the mind. Ours is a greater, more profound existence than the limited, finite existence that our mind will have us believe.
    • Only when we go beyond the mind, we realize our true and infinite nature.
    • We must make the most important journey of our life from the ever hungry mind to the ever happy and peaceful Soul.

What is God?

God is the Universe!

The Universe is God!

This Understanding Can Change the World!

  • The Soul is the Only Handshake to God.          
    • The Mind Can Never “See” God (Infinity).
  • We All Are Atoms of this God-Universe.
    • Let us stop the misguided Fighting over Religion.
  • The Soul Does not Care about Religion.
    • Religion is Only for Your Mind.

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— Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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