Simple, Powerful Meditation

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Simple Meditation

I share with you a simple and natural meditation method, but as you progress, it will also become the most powerful method of meditating. It is amazing.

Quality of Life

Meditation is one of the most wonderful things you can do for yourself. If you do it regularly, you will notice the quality of your life improves greatly.

Meditating with Aids

There are many meditation techniques out there — some get you to listen to music, some ask you to focus on a candle or an object, or think of a God, recite a mantra, or focus on your breath.

I call these meditating with aids.

Natural Meditation

I recommend a simpler and basic meditation.

I recommend sitting comfortably, you do not have to be stiff. I bend my legs, but you can be in a position that is comfortable. Keep your hands on the side. I usually have them overlapping.

Take off any glasses. Close your eyes.

Let the Thoughts Flow

In a few seconds, your mind will start having a lot of thoughts. Let them come. Do not fight them, do not resist them. Let them come and go. Some thoughts will engage you and you will get caught up. It is okay, do not feel guilty. If a lot of thoughts come up, no problem, let them bubble up.

Automatic slow down

After a while, on a typical day, your mind will automatically begin to slow down. Now, of course, if you are having a really bad day for some reason, it will be difficult for the mind to slow down, but on a normal day it will slow down.

Mind is Like a Puppy

The mind is like a puppy. If you have a pet, then you know this. When the puppy is energetic, it is difficult to control the puppy. The puppy wants to play around.

If you let the puppy play as much as it wants to, it will ultimately get exhausted and tired. Then, it will quietly come and sit at your feet. Now, even if you push it away, it will not go play. It will put its head down and relax.

Your mind is exactly the same. If you try to control it when it is energetic it will resist you. If you let it think through all it wants to think through, then it will calm down.

Calm Mind

Once the mind calms down, you will start noticing small gaps of silence between the thoughts. Do not react, just watch. Over time, these periods of quietness will grow. But again, just watch, do not go searching for them, let it happen naturally.

Natural, Automatic

Spiritually is natural, it is automatic. All you have to do is sit down and close your eyes, and magic begins to happen over time. It is that simple.

Powerful Meditation Method

This simple, natural method is also the most powerful. Because you do not use any meditative aids, you are not dependent on anything else. You just let nature do its part. It allows you to reach deeper states of meditation.

Meditation On-The-Go

As you meditate regularly, you become quieter and quieter. And, then automatically, you will begin to feel the peace within you. It will happen naturally.

Then you can be standing in a line for picking up pizza, and suddenly a wave of peace will go through. It is wonderful.

I call it automatic meditation on the go. Now, you can meditate while waiting for someone, you could meditate in a busy restaurant. You will be established in yourself.

That is why this basic method is so powerful. You become self-sufficient and more importantly it leads you to experience the amazing peace within.

Everyone can do it

This is such a simple and powerful method. Anyone can do it. Whether you are a young person, or you are 70 years old. Everyone can do it.

Be regular

All you have to do is be regular. If you do it regularly it will happen automatically. Be regular.

Have no Expectations

One thing to watch for — have no expectations. If you think to yourself, “Oh, I wish, I find peace today.” You will make it more difficult on yourself. Just sit down and do not expect. Let it just happen naturally.

And, if some days, your mind does not quiet down, that is perfectly okay. Do not feel bad, do not feel anything. Just do it again the next day. Just keep it doing it every day.

Transforming Thoughts, Maturing Perspectives, Quieting the Mind

In my book and on my website, I share a spiritual path. The three steps are transforming your thoughts, maturing your perspectives, and quieting the mind.

These steps work in tandem to help us quiet our minds, so we can have deeper meditation sessions.

Please read about them and watch my other videos.

Mediation is so powerful. It can raise the quality of our life tremendously. And the most amazing thing — it is so simple and natural.


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Be Peace

At your core, you are peace. Be who you are. Be peace. Be peace…

— By Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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  1. Ravi:
    As expected, Eric and I observed your video and he as a Unity Church member and having a former wife who was a Tae Chi instructor, has practiced much of what you shared and meditates at will. I, on the other hand require quiet and deliberate assigned time for myself to apply these techniques. I vow to learn more control of my limited concentration powers and to practice. I wish to subscribe but I do not use anything except my email?

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