Article: Why Can’t We “See” God?

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You can never “see” God through the mind.
The mind cannot comprehend God.

Billions of people around the world believe in God. Yet, it is difficult to find even one person or even a religious leader who has met or seen God. Isn’t that odd? Imagine, if someone was to indeed meet God, how big a news would it be. In this day of social media, that would break all viral records.

Why haven’t we seen God? After all, God is infinite and omnipresent. Then why is it such a struggle to see God. What are we missing? Is it possible to see God or not?

We can “see” God, but it requires the right medium. Which is the right medium? Before, we discuss that, let us understand what a medium means.

If someone was eating a pizza and sends you a picture of the pizza, the pizza may look delicious, but would you be able to get a sense of how good it tastes? No, of course, not. Only when your tongue comes in contact, would you experience the taste.

Similarly, if a renowned poet sent you an exquisite poem about the Himalayas and described the beautiful peaks, would you truly experience the scenery until you went there and saw it for yourself? Of course, not.

You need the sense of taste to experience the pizza, and you need the sense of sight to experience the Himalayas. The right sense is critical, otherwise your experience will be superficial.

Let’s go back to why we can’t see God. It is because we are using the wrong sense. Our mind is the wrong medium to see God. This is a profound philosophical point. Religions have been trying to get people to appreciate and feel God through their minds, and that is why people haven’t seen God.

You can never see God through the mind. The mind cannot comprehend God. The God-concept that religion has created can never come close to the actual experience of God. Just like the poem, regardless of how exquisite it is, can never do justice to the majesty of the Himalayan peaks.

God is infinite, our minds can’t comprehend infinity. We must leave behind the trivialized concept of God that religion has created for the consumption of our minds. If we truly want to experience God, then we must go beyond our minds. Only when we quiet our mind completely, will we experience infinity — the true embodiment of the infinite God.

— Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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