Article: Salvation from Religious Discrimination

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Every one of us can experience the Soul (life-force) in us,
regardless of our caste, creed, social status,
wealth, intelligence, gender and sexual orientation!

Judgement is a component of many religions. The purpose, of course, is to guide people to live a more pristine life. However, the stick of judgement has been used to punish people physically and mentally in this world and condemn them even in the afterlife.

Religions have influenced societal values and rationales, and vice versa. Society and religion have been closely intertwined, and unfortunately, human fears, limited thinking, personal biases and discriminations have colored religious thinking and traditions.

In patriarchal societies, men held power in families and community organizations. Religion took the cue, and even in religious organizations, women didn’t play an equal role. In many societies, women take a back seat when participating in religious ceremonies and practices. To this modern day, most pastors, priests and religious leaders are men.

Religious institutions, like any enterprise, require funding to grow and thrive. As a result, people with means receive greater influence, and greater participation in religious ceremonies. People with power, including kings and even recent political leaders have equated themselves to God, and if not God then they certainly have claimed special faculties and privileges.

Societies and religions have struggled with sexual orientation. Many have described the union between one man and one woman (post marriage) as natural, and all the other forms as unnatural and an abomination. This has forced sections of the human population to live in shame and have often been subjected to physical danger.

The examples are many. Unfortunately, through judgement, bias, and discrimination, religion and society have disenfranchised and condemned sections of humanity.

We live in modern times. People are more educated and exposed to science than ever before. There is enough reason to eliminate judgement and discrimination. However, there is the most compelling of reasons — spirituality.

Spirituality does not discriminate. It cannot!

Religion may discriminate. Spirituality does not. Spiritual capability is available to all without judgement, exclusions and preconditions. Spirituality is accessible to all 24×7. Everyone on Earth is born with spiritual capability. No one can give you spirituality, no one can take it away from you. Just like you are born a human, you are born spiritual.

The definition of spirituality is often shrouded in complexity, confusion, and mysticism. Here is the simplest, yet grandest definition: Spirituality is the experience of your own life-force. When the mind is quiet, the presence of the life-force becomes evident. Just as when the fog lifts, the landscape becomes visible.

Every one of us can experience the life-force in us, regardless of our caste, creed, social status, wealth, intelligence, gender and sexual orientation. Experiencing the soul is the ultimate purpose of life. It is the final step of evolution.

Spirituality is the greatest uniter, religious discrimination notwithstanding.

— Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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