Saint or Killer

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It is difficult to conceive of a saint and a killer as equals. There can be no comparison between the deeds of a saint or a killer. Killers deserve the punishments that the law and the Universe may have in store for them. In the material world, killers will receive punishment, they must pay for their actions and thoughts.

The spiritual world, on the other hand, is above all deeds and punishments. Neither deeds, not actions, nor thoughts can affect spirituality. Spirituality can never be tainted by what a human does or does not do.

This is mind-boggling. Religion has taught us to judge. In the spiritual dimension there is no judgement.

A killer has as much and equal access to spirituality as a saint. If either of them makes progress on the spiritual path, neither will be denied. The only question, who will commit to making the journey from the mind to the soul.

– Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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