Religion is completely distinct from Spirituality.

Religion has served humanity for thousands of year,
but in modern times as we understand science
we must move away from blind-faith,
and appreciate the Universal Spiritual Truths.

Religion versus Spirituality

Mind and Religion

Religion is meant only for the purposes of your mind.

Your soul (life-force) is unaffected by what your mind thinks, feels, knows, and believes.

You Soul does not care which religion you follow, or if you even follow one.

Spirituality is independent of religion!


The Real Experience

There is a big difference between the picture of something and the actual experience of that thing.

Watching a picture of a Ferrari certainly puts you in the mood and mindset of a Ferrari but it can never come close to the actual experience of driving one.

Similarly, we must understand religion is a reminder of spirituality, but if we do not actually experience spirituality, then we have missed out.

Let’s be more direct – you can be religious all your life, but if you do not experience spirituality, then you have achieved very little.

Spirituality is distinct from religion. Be sure to experience spirituality.

Is Spirituality an Exclusive Club?

Spirituality is available to every person on Earth without any preconditions. An emperor and a cobbler, a king and a soldier, a super-intelligent and a less-intelligent person, every-one regardless of their life’s condition has the same spiritual ability.

Even lawyers and politicians have spiritual ability! Sinners and saints have equal access to spirituality. It is available to everyone.
Nothing can deny us our human-ness, and nothing can deny us our spiritual-ness!

Chapter 9: Question 3
Interview by Mr. Bryant Price, CEO, Agama

Can Atheists be Spiritual?

This is a powerful, powerful declaration: Spirituality does not discriminate. It cannot!

Whether you are an atheist or religious, you can access spirituality equally.

Everyone human being on Earth is born with the spiritual ability. Whether you follow a religion or not does not affect your spiritual ability!

Chapter 9: Question 4
Interview by Mr. Bryant Price, CEO, Agama

Does Sexual Orientation Affect Spirituality?

Whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual, it does not affect your spiritual capability.

Why is that? Your mind and body have a sexual identity and orientation. Spirituality is not about the mind and body. Spirituality is about your Soul. Your Soul is not homosexual or heterosexual. Your Soul is independent of your mind and body!

Spirituality does not discriminate. It cannot!

Chapter 9: Question 7
Interview by Mr. Bryant Price, CEO, Agama