Oneness Beyond The Waves

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We are like waves — we are very proud of how tall and broad we are, how nicely curved we are. We compare and differentiate ourselves from other waves.

But the wave shape, the wave form is temporary, it is transient.

The wave is not the Truth. Water is the Truth.

Every wave, before it became a wave, while it is a wave, and after it stops being a wave, is only water. The wave is temporary, water is permanent.

The body and the mind are like the wave, they are not the Truth. The Soul is the Truth. The Soul is permanent.

And this is so important, every wave is water — there is oneness — every human being is a Soul — the ultimate oneness. We are all one collective Soul!

“At your core, you are peace. Be who you are. Be peace.”

— Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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