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Every minute you spend worrying,
is a minute you are not living your life.

Worrying is a favorite obsession of the mind.

We are worry constantly: Will I achieve the milestones I want to achieve in life? Will I get the next promotion? Will I grow my business? Will I find the right partner?  Will my marriage last? Will I have kids? Will my kids get into good colleges? Will I be cured of my disease? Will I have enough savings for retirement?

Worries are endless, and we spend our entire life worrying. We do not realize it, but many of us suffer from chronic worrying.

We all know worrying does not change the situation, yet we are unable to stop worrying. Worrying paralyzes us, it debilitates us. It prevents us from taking the steps to improve the situation. That is the part we must overcome.

Compartmentalize worries. Bucket them, write them down, put them aside, and then come back later to them. The goal is to reduce the hold the worry has on  you — that will give you enough leeway to build a solution.

Apply yourself. Make the best effort you can and let the chips fall where they must. You cannot control the outcome. You do your part and let things happen.

To overcome worrying, we must change our perspective on life. We expect life to be under our control, we want life to run according to our wishes, we expect everything in life to be a guarantee. There are no guarantees in life. Life is a roller coaster, with its ups and downs.

We must appreciate life will not be in our control, things will go wrong. We should be okay with that. Yes, we should be okay with that. That relieves the pressure. We must work to remedy the situation, but if we always remember that things can go wrong Then we will not be as worked up about it.

In situations that are out of your control, become an observer, watch the circumstances as dispassionately as possible, and try to disconnect. Remember this — all the worries in the world are external to you. Internally, you are peace.

Every minute you spend worrying, is a minute you are not living your life.

If you have spent all your life worrying, then life has slipped past you. When we worry about the future or our mistakes of the past, we miss out on living and enjoying the present moment.

When we worry all the time, it makes us pessimistic and cynical in life. Even when we receive joyful moments, our mind refuses to let us enjoy them.

Life is so beautiful. Relish the life you have, even if some aspect of it is not perfect. Relish your family, friends, job, career, possessions and your own self. Do not let worries steal your life from you.

What is the biggest downfall of constant worrying? Worrying hinders our spiritual progress. Worrying prevents our mind from becoming quiet. If we do not become quiet, our spiritual progress will be stunted.

Stop worrying. Start living.

— Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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