My Journey from the Mind to the Soul

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— Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.” Sometimes, we can tell how the river of life will flow. At other times, it surprises us, taking us over a grand waterfall, transforming our perspectives on life. It was 1990, I had just started my first job, in Houston, Texas. I was 23 years old with a lot of energy and …

Spiritual Truths!

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Please consider each Truth carefully. Deliberate on it so you can realize the powerful implications of each one of them. Please share how these Truths are helping you in your life. Thank you. Most of the things we follow in life are based on faith and belief. Belief do not color the Truth. Whether you believe or not makes no …

Oneness Beyond The Waves

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Today I see myself as the wave and see others as waves too — until the day I realize I am not the wave, I am water. I am only water and I will always be water. The wave is temporary and transient. All the other waves are just water too. The oneness of everyone being the same!!