Understanding and Quieting Your Mind — Discussion

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This is a discussion on understanding the mind, changing our perspective, and the amazing reality of life. I discuss several examples and stories that help us understand and appreciate the mind’s perspective and answer a few interesting audience questions.

Your Mind Cannot See God

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Your mind cannot see God, your mind can never see God. You’re probably startled to hear that statement? If not the mind, then how can we see God?

Meditation Questions – Part 1

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Simple, Powerful Meditation I recently released a video on a simple, powerful meditation method, and I have received several questions about the method. I answer those questions here. I do want to thank all of you all for giving me such kind feedback on that video. Many of you have expressed how you like the simplicity of the method. If …

Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu

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The blockbuster Hindi movie, PK, asked the question, “Where is God?” But it did not provide an answer. I share a simple, logical answer, that will force you to think, and is so powerful, perhaps it will change the world.
This video is in Hindi.

Simple, Powerful Meditation

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I share a simple, yet, powerful meditation method. You can learn to meditate. Everyone can. Meditating regularly will raise the quality of your life. It is the most wonderful thing you can do for yourself. Start meditating today.