Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu

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Where is God? I share a simple, logical answer, that has the power to change the world.

Hindi Movie PK

In the Hindi blockbuster movie, PK, directed by Raju Hirani, there is a song “Bhagwan hai kahan re tu.” The song raises the question, “God, where are you?” The protagonist goes to temples, mosques, and churches in search of God, only to return empty handed.

The movie raises an important question but does not answer it. Understandably, this is a challenging question. For thousands of years, people have asked the question — Where is God?

Where is God?

The answers have been mysterious and mystical — God is in the sky. God is in heaven. God is formless. God is in every atom. God is everywhere, but if you want to see God your heart has to be pure. Only saints and sages can “see” God.

Why would God that is infinite and omnipresent be so hard to find? It is because the definition of God is wrong. We have failed to understand what God is.

God is not mysterious and hard to find. God is around us all the time. Where, you ask? Well, are you ready for the answer?

What is God?

God is the Universe. The Universe is God!

Didn’t God Create the Universe?

You may be startled to learn the universe is God, possibly because from a young age we have been taught, God created the universe. Then, how can they be the same?

Big Bang Theory

Even physicists have presented the Big Bang theory that says the universe was created 13 billion years ago from a point smaller than an atom. Does that mean God was created then as well?

If a firecracker explodes in the sky and expands, it does not mean the sky was created then. The sky existed before the firecracker exploded. Similarly, the Big Bang was a matter and energy event that happened within the universe. The universe existed before the Big Bang.

Capital “U” Universe

In fact, there could have been billions of Big Bangs that could have happened in the universe. We can’t see them because we are living within our Big Bang.

In addition, the universe has innumerable dimensions, many that will be beyond the comprehension of humans. The universe is an intricate and sophisticated system governed by laws.

In my book, I describe the capital “U” Universe which includes all the countless Big Bangs and dimensions. This capital “U” Universe is God!

God is Infinite

In the Hindu scripture, Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna, describes Himself (God) as one who was not born and one who cannot die. Then he adds, he does not begin and end somewhere. He has no middle. In other words, God is infinite in the dimensions of time and space.

Universe is Infinite too

The Universe too is infinite in the dimensions of space and time.

Albert Einstein, the renowned physicist, shared one of the most important “spiritual” tenets. Matter can neither be destroyed nor created. Matter can only be transformed.

The Universe can never be created or destroyed. The Universe always existed and will always exist. The Universe is infinite in the dimension of time.

Further, the Universe is infinite in the dimension of space. You cannot go anywhere and say the Universe ends here. Physicists are wrong when they say the Universe is expanding. It is absurd to say the infinite is expanding. What they are saying is that the visible universe is expanding.

Qualities of God and Universe

When you compare the qualities of God and the Universe you realize they are similar if not the same! God is the Universe. The Universe is God.

Cosmic Form

In the Bhagavad Gita when Lord Krishna reveals his cosmic form, called the virat roop in Sanskrit, it is a view of the different aspects and dimensions of the Universe. Lord Krishna displays the cosmic objects and also the cosmic systems that are at work continuously. Lord Krishna displays himself as the Universe.

Facets of the Universe

In Hindu religion, different God and Goddesses correspond to different facets of the Universe. You have, for instance, the Sun God, Fire God, Wind God, Rain God, Goddess of Wealth and Goddess of Knowledge.

Even the highest Gods of Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv represent the dimensions of creation, preservation, and destruction (or rather recreation).

Continuous Cycle

The phenomenon of creation, preservation, and recreation did not happen just during the Big Bang but is happening continuously throughout the Universe.

When a bud dies it turns into a flower. Actually, there is no death in this Universe, there is only transformation. The flower turns into a fruit, the fruit into a seed, and the seed into a tree. The cycles happen continuously.

God and Universe are the Same

God is the Universe. The Universe is God.

We are the Universe

We are born from the Universe, by the Universe, for the Universe.

The Universe is within us and we are within the Universe. Nobody can take the Universe out of us, and no one can insert the Universe in us. We are the Universe.

We are surrounded by the God-Universe. We are living in the womb of God. We rose from God and we are a part of God. God is the essence in us.

Religious Wars

God being the Universe is a powerful point that has the power to change the world.

If God is the Universe, then that means, your God and my God is the same. Every religion’s God is the same. All the wars fought over God and religion have been pointless.

If the world understands and appreciates the fact that we are all a part of God, then we can change the course of human history and stop the endless wars over religion. We are all part of the same God. Let us all unite under the same God-Universe.

Your Wants and Wishes

Think about your prayers, wants, and wishes — career, financial, relationships, health based, or of any other type. Think about how they get fulfilled? Who fulfills them? The Universe fulfills every desire and prayer of yours.

The Universe gave you birth, and the Universe is your benefactor. The Universe takes care of your every need. We pray to God for fulfillment, but the Universe is the fulfiller. The Universe is truly our God.

Universe within Reach

Who is the Universe within reach? Family, friends, even strangers, society, and institutions, are all there to help us. They are the University that can help us. When we need help, we must ask for help from the University within reach and help back in return.

We must help those around us. They are part of the Universe. Let us make the world a better place by helping each other.

We must respect the Universe and value it. The environment and nature are part of the God-Universe. The other species are part of the Universe as well. We must live in harmony with each other, harmony with the other species, and in harmony with the environment.

Advanced Spiritual Point

If God is the Universe, we are surrounded by God. We can touch and feel God. However, God is infinite. Our mind is capable of only experiencing finite things. It cannot experience the infinite.

To experience the God-Infinite, we must go beyond the mind.

Within us we have a divine, cosmic energy that keeps us living. Call it the soul, spirit, atma, rooh, or any other name you like.

When we completely quiet our mind, then we experience the soul. Yog (mispronounced yoga) is the union with the soul. Connecting with the soul is the pinnacle of spirituality.

When we connect with the soul then we experience the Infinite. That is when we have the God-Experience, the Infinite-Experience!

The soul is the handshake to God. The soul is the connection with the Infinite. This is the ultimate point in spirituality.

Help me help the World

Please help share the powerful point that God is the Universe with those around you, so we can make the world a more peaceful place, and we all experience the peace within and connect with the Infinite. Let us all transform our lives.

Be Peace

At your core, you are peace. Be who you are. Be peace. Be peace…

— By Ravi Kathuria, Author, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.”

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