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Articles on Religion

Religion is like looking at the picture of a Ferrari, while spirituality is the actual experience of driving one. Watching a picture of a Ferrari certainly puts you in the mood and mindset of a Ferrari but it can never come close to the actual experience of driving one.

Over the ages, religious judgement and discrimination have excluded and disenfranchised sections of the population.
Religion may discriminate, spirituality does not discriminate. It cannot!

Our life-force (soul) is unaffected by the mind or the body. Whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, or hypersexual, does not affect your spirituality.

Articles on God

There is a problem. The push to find happiness through an invisible God has led people away from the real, most powerful and permanent source of happiness.

If we truly want to experience God, we must leave behind the trivialized concept of God that religion has created for the consumption of our minds.

All our lives we have prayed to God for sustenance and well-being. Ironically, while we have never seen or met God, all our needs have been met through one source…

God is the Universe. The Universe is God. If humanity accepts and appreciates this assertion it will change the world. It will upgrade the lives of the seven billion people on Earth.

Articles on Internal-Peace

Developing your internal peace can upgrade life in ways you cannot imagine.

Articles on Spirituality